Creating Peace Through Balance

Get Outside and Connect With Your Bliss!

There are moments in life when each of us all feels separated from our humanity. To be honest, by the end of last week, I was living from that space—feeling disconnected, existing to run from appointment to appointment, place to place—a slave to my calendar. This often happens when I get caught up in the humdrum routine of the day-to-day for too long, forgetting to make the time to look around and remember the things that bring me enjoyment.

What I notice about myself and my clients is that we have a LOT of responsibility. We are good at responsibility. We take it on willingly because we are able to handle and juggle more than most people. The hard part is when we are focused on all of those responsibilities, we sometimes forget to factor ourselves into the mix.

When we make the time—even if it is just 5 minutes—to do something that we enjoy, it makes us feel more alive. We are instantly brought back to a place where we can breathe deeply and remember why the heck we are so passionate about helping other people in the first place—because we are all connected.

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I remedied this situation in the fastest way I know how.
I spent my entire 4-day weekend outdoors. I'm not talking about camping, because glamping is actually more my style. I'm talking about sitting under a tree while reading, paddle boarding, handstands in the grass, eating outside with friends and family.

Getting back to nature is a really great shortcut to bringing your entire system back into the most balanced state it can be in at any given time. Over the course of the weekend, I remembered that I am at my best and most functional when I spend about 75% of my time outdoors.

Here are just a handful of the health benefits that venturing into the great outdoors (or onto your balcony) hold for you:

Vitamin D: The fastest way for your body to absorb the Vitamin D it needs to keep you healthy is through the skin. Being out in the sun, even if only for 15 minutes in the morning and late evening will boost your Vitamin D levels. Note: If you are wearing sunscreen, or makeup or lotion containing sunscreen, your skin will not be able to absorb Vitamin D from the sun.

Better Sleep: Spending too much time inside and away from natural light can alter your circadian rhythms, thus disrupting sleep patterns. Exposure to sunlight has been shown to help recalibrate these sleep cycles and improve sleep quality overall.

Fresh Air: Indoor air pollutants are far worse for your health and are at far greater levels (25-62% higher) than outdoor air pollutants in almost every area of the world. Being outdoors also naturally causes us to take deeper breaths because we are away from the things that cause us stress—unless you are being chased by a bear. So if you are taking that lunch walk, leave your smartphone at your desk.

Grounding: Put your bare feet on the grass and tell me you don't feel more grounded! Scientifically speaking, not only does standing barefoot on the earth help regulate the polarity of your body, but it has an anti-inflammatory and energizing effect on it, as well.

Exercise: Let's face it, if you are outside, chances are that you are going to get more exercise than if you are sitting inside. This can look as simple as walking in and out of the house (probably up and down stairs) to get the food you've prepared for your guests, or an impromptu game of frisbee. [True Story. This happened this weekend and ended with me chucking the frisbee over a fence.]

With all of these health benefits, how did I FORGET that I needed to spend a lot of time outdoors in order to function well? This sort of thing happens to each of us when we are able to focus on the Whole. We sometimes forget about ourselves.

When we see and know the Connectedness of all, it is a really beautiful thing. It is important for us, however, to remember that each of us is also a piece of that Whole. When we are in a state of happiness and bliss, things flow better, we are better manifestors, we ripple those feelings out into the Collective, and we become living examples of Balance.

In order to show up as our best selves to have and hold the energy for all that we have to do each day, we need to remember to connect in with what brings us joy. Remember, at any moment, you can begin to return to center and health by getting outside and taking some breaths.