Creating Peace Through Balance

Neutrality Does NOT Mean Complacency

Let’s get real and honest. Throughout the world, there is and has been a collective feeling of discomfort and Divine discontent. This feeling happens during transitions of all types—both personal and global. Remember how you felt right before the first day of school? There is so much excitement, trepidation, uncertainty, and even fear of the unknown.

Photo © Ricardo Gomez Angel/Unsplash

The mixture of emotions can be incredibly uncomfortable for everyone—especially those of us who are highly sensitive. The concerns that we are feeling are very valid and warranted, and at the same time, we also need to remember that we've been asking for the Highest and Best. The best answer to a question or prayer is not always what we expect or think it should be—and sometimes it is. It’s not always wrapped in a very pretty package. Sometimes things may be hard to digest or walk through, but when we come through the other side, we can look back and see why things happened exactly that way. (Grumble, grumble.) At the risk of sounding trite, hindsight is 20/20. 

Every happening in our lives has led us to where we are now, and we would have missed something integral to our growth if we hadn't gone through those times where we were uncertain, in pain, or uncomfortable.

Things get hard sometimes.

In those times it is important to remember that what is best for us does not always show up in the way we want or expect. Archangel Michael keeps communicating that we are protected, that we are safe, and that there are angels and unseen forces with and guiding us. They are moving energy for us and everything is in Divine Order. That's really important to remember, as we dive into new situations, as we feel our voices yearning to be heard, as we feel the energy of transition all around us.

In times of change, the best way that we can serve the world is to strive to get to an emotionally neutral place and trust that Heaven is on our side. This does NOT mean staying quiet. This means stating TRUTH without emotional charge—so that it can be heard and felt clearly by all who are on the receiving end of it. 

This is showing up consistently in the readings and the work of all spiritual teachers. The Divine is always with us, our angels are holding the energy and the space around us. We can trust in the knowing that underneath everything we are feeling, we are held and loved and that at the end the scales of justice always balance.

Everything always has a positive and negative, an action and a reaction. Know that all of the time and work that you put in to make this world a better place is and has not been done in vain. We are being held, collectively. And we are being led to the next level.

Sometimes things aren't pretty.
Sometimes things aren't the way we want.
And sometimes everything looks great to us.

It's all part of getting us to the next right place.

It is important to know that when you expect the worst of a person or a situation, you are sure to get it. Whether you come home to your spouse expecting that same old argument or you have expectations of your elected officials. Likewise, when you hold someone to a higher standard, they have no choice but to “up their game.”

You are loved beyond measure, no matter who you are, what you look like, or what you believe.

Let us Love each other.
Let us hear each other.
Let us work together to begin the necessary work of healing a very fractured planet.

Starting now.