Creating Peace Through Balance
Just Breathe Oahu Retreat
Event dates: November 09, 2017 12:00 am thru November 12, 2017 12:00 am
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Are you the one who everyone looks to for leadership?

Have you found it increasingly difficult to find a community where you could just blend in and be one of the crowd?

Is your empathy working so much overtime that you are just not sure what is yours and what is another’s anymore?

Do you spend a lot of time feeling depleted or like you are running on empty because you gave everything you had to your job, family, friends clients, or soul’s work?

Do you long for a place and experience that can hold you the way you hold others?  

You’ve found it.

Come relax and re-charge for 4 days and 4 nights with others who understand. Allow us to create a space where you can just be. Allow Mother Hawaii to nurture those parts of you that are yearning to spring back to life.

This experience of renewal consists of heart-centered coaching and masterminding, lessons to strengthen your intuition and Guidance, spiritual renewal, and deep connection with self, others, and nature. Bring your energy fully back into your body through hiking, surfing, yoga, and movement. Leave unhealthy cravings to create energy behind as you strengthen and fortify yourself from the inside out.

There is nothing to do other than bring your full presence to each moment as we ground back into simplicity and practice living from the heart.

Your heart-centered leaders we will gently and lovingly call you to the next level of your growth and integration and help you to get radically clear on your next steps. Your rustic-chic accommodations are on sacred grounds where many have come to connect more fully with the Divine and themselves.

A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Windward Shelter or other local charities.

Dates: November 9-12, 2017

Where: Oahu, Hi

Retreat Leaders

Katy Shaw is a certified ashtanga yoga instructor, breathwork practitioner, and healing retreat leader on the North Shore of Oahu. In healing sessions she incorporates her background B.A. In English from Rutgers University and M.A. In Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica.

Katy creates an experience of yoga, breathwork, and poetry allowing others to awaken to a greater level of love within.

Deep transformation occurs and is achieved by quieting the mind and focusing on the breath. Katy believes the greatest gift we are given is to experience the joy of our spirit and to share this love with one another. 

Nikki Pere is a healer, teacher, and friend to all. As a woman of the water she believes the sacredness of the ocean is symbolic of the oneness that connects us all. As a surf instructor and swim coach for the special Olympics she describes the support her students give one another as "what life is about."

Nikki uses her background degree in interior design by joyfully making each place more beautiful than when she came. She sees each person from the love of their soul and enlivens the world around her just by being herself.

Guest Mentors

Cora Poage is a Soul-Centered Living Coach certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Cora’s specialty is in helping her clients align with their Soul and the Truth, fall in love with themselves, and align with their unique and Sacred Service on the planet. Cora believes that we when we align with our Soul and our Truth collectively, we create Heaven on Earth. To find out more about Cora please visit her at:


Instagram: @coachcoco

Theresa Venezia is a fierce Love Warrior for Peace. Her passion is helping people to stand in their Truth and the Power of Who They Are by knowing and living their Purpose for being here. She has been facilitating deeply healing Work for over 15 years as a speaker, healing arts practitioner, spiritual teacher, and Angelic channel.

Her background in the creative arts and her scientific mind help her to stay grounded and teach incredibly complex spiritual principles in creative, entertaining, and relevant ways.

She has been featured on the Grace Grella Show and in Identity magazine. You can find more about her work on Facebook, Instagram, on Youtube and on her website.