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Phoenix_TestimonialTheresa's deeply connected intuition and inner sight is a powerful force of nature.

Holding a loving, warm yet strong presence, she intuitively knew the deeper gifts that I was holding back in expressing and remembering, and helped me to acknowledge the greater purpose I'm here to live. With the grace of a saint, the warmth of a mother and the fierce humour and genuine honesty that only a New Yorker could have - she accurately saw my deeper Soul's gifts and help me recognize the beauty I'm here to embody in this lifetime.

Funny, Warm, Eerily Intuitive, Radiant & Powerful — Theresa is a natural master of feeling your energy, what you need to change, where you can grow, and delivering the messages you need to hear.

I cannot recommend Theresa highly enough. If you are ready to live in your vast potential, feel into your future self, and begin living from a place of liberated freedom, you need to work with Theresa.

— Phoenix Muranetz, Sensuality & Female Empowerment Coach and Co-founder, Awakened Woman Conference

Joanna_TestimonialTheresa has the energetic capacity of a love surgeon -removing all the debris that are no longer true for you and your highest service. If you are in transition, call her. If you are unable to tap into your own knowing —even if you do that for others for a living and have 10++ years of mastery, there is a point in time where you 'may' step back and just let another massage your heart into place.

In those times, call Theresa. Her degree of embodied wisdom will offer you the clarity to take that next leap, or even step, with full joy and confidence.

After working with her, I was able to fully release huge stories of the past that were running my system but I could not unwind myself. It was a total body upgrade to allow me to serve at the highest level of living light.

—Joanna Green, Chief Funologist,

Paula_TestimonialTheresa is a natural! As an intuitive healer I knew right away she was the real deal. She is truly gifted and connects with the angels with so much ease, grace, and devotion. Her desire to serve clearly comes from a place of love. I felt so held and taken care of throughout our conversation, even when she was being direct and honest.

Her angel reading was able to affirm in detail so much of what I've been feeling, thinking about, and struggling with, in my personal and professional life. The reading left me filled with immense faith and gratitude. It also inspired me to take action on what I need to let go of. It was nothing short of magical and miraculous.

—Paula Orozco, Women's Healer & Spiritual Teacher

1900070_3982669983075_562191158_nWhen I started working with Theresa my vision for my business wasn’t very clear, but I've gained a lot of clarity and made some necessary changes which allows me to serve from a place of true alignment with my Soul's Purpose.

I’m also really learning to understand and respect what my body needs as a Highly Sensitive Person, and that allows me to show up in a more powerful way for myself and my clients.

Before working with Theresa, people knew I was gay and a healer, but barely. I wasn’t totally hiding out, but I was hiding enough that I felt I was slowly suffocating. Now I freely talk about being psychic and doing energy work with great passion. I’m finding my place in the LGBT community and using my voice to help and educate others as well as talk about what I feel are the issues that need attention.

I've made so many great strides since working with Theresa, in part because of all the tools and modalities that she combines especially for me in each session. She is able to draw on her own life experiences, intuitive vision, and her coaching and teaching capabilities—on any topic. Her work with her Guides, the Angels, and Energy Therapy have helped us find and tackle limiting beliefs and energy blocks.

She is an amazing cheerleader and brings clarity so that I am able to see and experience the depth and scope of what I have accomplished.

If you are truly ready to "do the Work," I highly recommend working with Theresa.

—Julie Fischer, Oswego, NY

Catarina_TestimonialShotWhen it comes to helping you get clear on your purpose, Theresa’s work stands out like the north star – brilliant, unfailing, and oh so comforting to the soul.

As someone who also supports others to explore their life purpose, she is the one that I turn to when I need clarity! She is ahead of her time and takes this work to another level – calling forth what is most needed from her broad repertoire of energy therapy skills and, as if that wasn’t enough, drawing on the collective insight of our guides and angels.

She reflected my essential self back to me so artfully that I left our time together feeling light, held, and connected as well as divinely guided on the way forward. It was like a big luxurious sigh of relief that gave me permission to relax into the unfolding of the sacred gifts that I’m here to share. I can’t recommend her enough!

—Catarina Andrade, Balance alchemist & calm catalyst for mamas

Kavita_TestimonialTheresa walks her talk by bringing health and vibrancy to her own life and will do the same to inspire that in you. She holds a container full of high integrity, love, wisdom, and commitment to your full potential. She's also got a fabulous sense of humor that will help to lighten up your journey towards vibrant health.

Most people who are as deeply connected spiritually as Theresa seem to be ungrounded or otherwise not-enough-in-this-world. She, on the other hand, embodies both by being in her humanity and in her light body self at the same time. She has a rare ability to connect with the Spirit world in a deeply grounded and accessible way.

—Kavita Leela Arora, Women's Leadership Coach & Attorney
Creator of the Speak Up From Your Heart VideoJam

Elizabeth_TestimonialWhen I think of Theresa, two images come to mind—a world-changer and a spiritual maven. She emits an energy that exudes wholeness and a deep connection to life and the Divine. Her gifts are pure, truthful, and untarnished. She's definitely a trendsetter and holistic human being! I always look forward to speaking with her, and her vast knowledge of nutrition, Energy Therapy, yoga, and the Spirit realm makes her (at least in my eyes and heart) someone who cares deeply for my health and growth, because she lives what she shares.

Her honesty, transparency, and straight-forward approach are qualities that I deeply admire and appreciate.

One thing is true for me, with every-single interaction I have with Theresa, my life gets better.

Thank you, Theresa, for all the moments in which you brought clarity, love and peace into my heart.

—Elizabeth Stomp, Spiritual Midwife & Transformational Life Coach

Nancy_testimonialpicI have had many readings from well-respected intuitives, but there is something special about Theresa and her Work. As an intuitive myself, I always seek guidance from others because I know I have blind spots.

Before my Essence of Purpose reading, I was having really beautiful spiritual experiences, but had the feeling I was missing something. I was intuitively guided to have a reading with Theresa. My experience of her was transformational. There were, indeed, things that I was missing. With the wisdom and guidance of the angels who were with us during the reading, I have moved into a new level of confidence in my own work.

Because of the reading, I am now working on my physical health in a new way, and Theresa is mentoring me through that, too.

I feel as though my work with Theresa has clarified and strengthened many areas of my work and my life. Thank you, Theresa.

—Nancy Huslage, Principal Dream Expert, Within Your Dreams

Nic_TestimonialAs a channel, I work with high frequencies and energies, yet I have suffered from migraines, for most of my life. When I started working with Theresa, I was suffering these migraines and my abdomen was sensitive and painful.

With her knowledge, charisma, intuition, and open heart, Theresa welcomed me and helped me to open the doors to what was behind what was occurring in my life.

She can read you like an open book, and with such gentleness, helps you acknowledge things and take action with love, ease, and grace.

My entire being benefitted from this experience and I recommend working with Theresa to everyone. No matter what reasons you may have to begin, you will come out of your experience a winner and loving yourself even more.

Theresa will give you all the tools you need for your journey and beyond. She is open hearted, caring, available, and always welcoming.

Working with Theresa is the best gift we can offer to ourselves.

—Nicole Thibodeau, Canada

Kassi_TestimonialTheresa has the rare ability to help you see yourself with clarity, instead of with the negativity that most of us perpetuate which clouds our self-image. She offers genuine insight and an incredibly intuitive look into the relationship between ones inner-self and the Big Picture.

She has an incredible energy and brings out the best in me because she sees it and I see it through her. She has provided me with the guidance and support to focus on what is truly important and create the life of my dreams!

Theresa has had a profound effect on my life and I recommend her programs wholeheartedly.

-Kassie Harrelson, Hawaii

Kelly_TestimonialThe best way to summarize my opinion of Theresa? This woman is my jam!

When you first meet Theresa, it’s like she has known you for years. She is instantly comfortable joking with you and isn’t afraid to tenderly call BS, because she knows you like an old friend would.

Theresa introduced me to so many new energetic and spiritual lessons that have helped me on a daily basis. More importantly, she helped me with an issue that I had been struggling with for a very long time—uncovering and healing pain that I originally didn’t even want to admit to myself!

I know I can count on Theresa to always be genuine and cut straight to the truth, in a way that’s faster and more effective than a lot of other coaches I have worked with. Theresa has become my go-to person whenever I have a question about something, because I feel like she has an endless supply of knowledge—we even laugh about this sometimes. (Maybe she should start selling WWTD bracelets!)

Theresa is a ball of wit that keeps me grounded. Everyone should have this experience with someone in their life.

—Kelly Keegan, Leadership Coach

Pam_TestimonialMy Angel Reading with Theresa was spot on. There are things she shared that she would have not known beforehand, and I was able to make some connections I didn’t think I would be able to make. She is loving and honest, just like the Angels. She shares exactly what she’s being given, so that you can make the purest connection possible.

I felt so good after our reading—so connected in so many ways. The best part? This experience opened me to connecting more deeply, enabling me to receive and interpret the messages I was already getting on my own!

-Pam Chanfrau

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