Creating Peace Through Balance

Soul Portraits 


These energetic portraits speak to the essence of your energy as they show your soul's evolution and limitless potential.
Each is infused with ancient symbols, healing and angelic energies specific to your soul's expression and mission. Healings are activated just by gazing at or sharing space with your portrait.

Each portrait begins with a Getting to Know You or Energy Therapy Session. Once familiar with your Soul's Expression, meditation will reveal the form to me. I will then have an idea of the size, timeline, and the energies that are to be infused to help you to move past the things that may be standing in the way of you living On-Purpose with as much ease and grace as possible.

Ancient Wisdom and Soul Memory become activated to the optimal level each time you look at or share space with the portrait. These are energy paintings and not portraits in the more traditional sense which means that you will FEEL the resonance rather than get lost in the worry that it looks too much or not enough like you.

Your portrait tells the story of your Soul—past, present, future.

Through it, you are invited to remember Who You Really Are and can more easily move forward from that place of Knowing, alignment, and assurance.

Some of the Beautiful Souls I've represented:

CynthiaSoulPortrait_Web  CynthiaHeadShot

Cynthia G., Upstate NY
"I've placed my portrait in my newborn daughter's room so that my Soul can watch over her while she sleeps."

DianePortrait_Web  DianeHeadshot_Web

Diane D., Arizona
"I was totally surprised and extremely touched by Theresa's interpretation of my energy. This is one of the most unique, and treasured gifts I've ever received!"

Soul Portrait of the City of Light Sanctuary, Upstate, NY

COLS_Soul Portrait_small  COLS_pic_web

Starts at $5000*

*Pricing based on size, timeframe, and materials.

Email to schedule a conversation about your Soul Portrait.

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