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I have been delivering dynamic and engaging talks, workshops, trainings, and retreats for over 10 years. My insightful, impactful presentations are filled with love, wisdom, and AHA! moments as participants actively test out new techniques and find their own expression through energy and sharing. The perfect group is always gathered and participants light up as the event gets started, finding relief and inspiration as they interact with like-minded and like-hearted people in a nurturing and peaceful environment. My incredibly unique ability to take complex esoteric information and make it relevant, applicable, and even fun, allows for an opening—unfolding layers of ancient wisdom in a way that is enjoyable, powerful, and non-threatening.

My Most Requested Topics
I speak on topics related to Angelic communication, wellness, balance, spirituality, and empowerment. I customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs because my goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create.

Keep in mind that I am able to present these as a keynote, talk, or a workshop. My favorite and most requested topics include the following:

Love Warrior: Holding Your Center in the Midst of Battle

So many of us get rocked by the events going on in the world because we feel so deeply within that we are part of the solution. Very often this leads us to put all of our energy into helping others or moving toward that change, causing us to forget to check in with and nurture ourselves. How do we balance our need to show up as change-makers and making the time to re-charge and replenish ourselves, when there is so much in this world that needs doing?

Angel Parties
These two-hour parties are gatherings of people who want to know more about Angels, experience them personally, and receive messages of Love and Hope. These events are usually held at a private home, restaurant, or studio and are filled with both universal and personal messages. Each person gets to feel the presence of the Angels and experience them in his/her own way, understanding the ways in which the Angels are already communicating with them in their everyday lives.

Meet and Heal With the Angels!
Everyone has heard of the Angels, but do we really know who they are or how much they desire to assist us? Their life’s purpose is to help us to create peace in this world, and they do that by helping to create peace within each of us, individually.  Get to know how the Angels communicate with you as you learn about and experience the Archangels and their individual superpowers.

Love, Light, and Lymph: Getting Grounded So You Can Change the World
Spiritual people spend so much time cultivating their spiritual practice and connection to something greater, which is beautiful. But often as we do this, we lose connection with our own bodies and we simply cannot make the changes we are called to make in this world if we are not embodied. Experience how powerful, simple, and even fun it is to bring your physical body into alignment —and how much easier it is to manifest once you do. Don’t worry, we will work on healing the things that made you want to disconnect in the first place.

Other topics:

Integrative Energy Therapy Trainings (all levels), Reiki Levels 1-Master Trainings, Ayurveda, Living Yoga

What are the Differences Between Talks, Workshops, Trainings, and Retreats?
A talk ranges from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, and are suitable for conventions, community groups, students of spirituality, and entrepreneurs. Workshops are similar, but are generally 1-4 hours in length.

Trainings are offered in full-day and two-day sessions, and involve complete immersion into a particular topic, and are offered to groups as a form of personal and professional development.

Retreats combine the formats above, but take place in a virtual or physical “get-away” location, affording participants the opportunity to focus completely on the topic(s) at hand for the duration of the retreat. Learning and relaxation/rejuvenation are emphasized equally and there is plenty of time allotted for individual processing. It all begins with you envisioning the perfect retreat location and theme!

I also run my own retreats.

Ideal Audience
I am comfortable working with audiences of any size (the larger, the better) and age. I have worked with a variety of audiences including yoga studios, medical professionals, community groups, independent professionals, entrepreneurs, conventions, and businesses. Speaking to large groups, customized day-long workshops, and retreats remain some of my favorite styles for working with world-changers of all kinds.

The Next Step
Thank you for considering me as a possible speaker for your event! Finding out if I am available to present at your next event is simple. Please send an email with “Speaking Inquiry” in the subject line, to receive more information about my availability and fee schedule. Within the text please provide the following details:

• Date and location of event
• Event format
• Audience profile
• Topic(s) of interest

My team will get back to you as soon as they can.

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What People Are Saying

I sometimes feel drained after a long Saturday (yoga) training. Today I'm not. Thank you, Theresa, as always you communicate with more than words.
-Nina, Queens, NY

I wanted to thank you for the workshop and all that you provided us with. The practice was very effective for me during the practice and I will continue to do it and share it with others. May you continue to share your knowledge and be eternally Blessed. -Rakila, Deer Park, NY

Theresa's workshops are so informative and so well conducted! Even a 'layperson' like me learns so much from them. -Karuna, New Jersey

Theresa explains the subtleties of a complicated subject in simple words and examples—holding the interest of our students while opening them to new avenues of thought. Her professionalism and personal commitment to what she teaches gives her credibility and wisdom, which is appreciated by our Yoga Teachers and staff.
-Mokshapriya, co-founder Yoga Teachers Training Institute, Queens, NY

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