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Angel Readings

Do you ever wish your angelic helpers were right next to you to talk with and to give you advice whenever you needed?

Most people do.   

The truth is that the angels are always waiting for you to call on them for help and assistance. They are sending you signs all the time. Sometimes, though, it is hard to get quiet enough to hear them, or difficult to trust that what you think you are perceiving is real.

And that’s where I can help!

I communicate with the angels and pass along their messages to you.
Your reading is a conversation and a healing session, where you can:

• ask your questions (on any topic you choose)
• seek guidance on your spiritual path or purpose
• get advice on abundance—financial or otherwise
• bask in the glow of their Unconditional Love and whatever they want to share with you in any moment
• anything that you want clarity on—no topic is off-limits.

They will happily give you as much information as possible to help you to see situations from a higher vantage point because when you are feeling balanced and peaceful, you radiate that same feeling out to the world.

What Others Are Saying

Your call will be full of personal messages from your Angels that are relevant to where you are today—in ALL aspects of your life. You will leave your call feeling Loved and Guided, as well as understanding how much the angels are already communicating with you in your everyday life.

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The calendar will be sent to you within 24 hours of booking your session, so you can choose a time that is convenient for you!

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Investment: $150

Energy Therapy Sessions

These sessions are healing-focused.
Are you feeling called to make a change, but are not sure where to begin?

Do you totally believe in abundance, but feel like it’s not working for you?
Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
Are there things in your life that you want or need to heal?
Do you need to relax, but can't figure out how?
Are you sick and in need of healing?
Are you feeling stuck doing work you don't love?

What Others Are Saying

Energy runs through our bodies from the crown of the head through the bottom of the feet. In an ideal world, this flow is consistent. However, when we encounter a physical, mental, or emotional trauma, trauma this energy flow slows or becomes blocked.
When your energy is not flowing properly, you feel drained, sluggish, stressed, increasingly affected by the world around you, unable to manifest and live in flow, and may even get sick.

Some of the Healing Benefits of Energy Therapy
• Reduces stress and induces relaxation.
• Supports self-healing at all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.                  
• Clears blockages that limit your health, prosperity, and creativity.
• Can help to clarify purpose and direction in life and work.
• Identifies and releases deeply suppressed feelings and cellular memory.
• Empowers you to experience fulfilling loving relationships in all areas of your life.
• Increases your connection to your Inner Guidance and helps you to hear it more clearly.
• Naturally reduces your negative self-talk and replaces it with more empowering and positive words as you feel connected to all that is.
• Reduces anxiety and overwhelm.
During a session, you feel both deeply relaxed and simultaneously energized, as you would after a good Yoga class. Some people have dramatic results, others more subtle.

How Your Session Works
My unique approach is a combination of many different modalities and techniques (such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and many others) and each session is custom tailored to you, your concerns, and your system’s needs in that moment. During your session you will be held in a space of Unconditional Love and acceptance, allowing full relaxation so that you can release the things that are no longer serving you and have been holding you back.  
My mission is to empower you to "make the feeling last" and stay centered for as long as possible after each session. All you have to do is dress comfortably, show up, and relax!
Investment: $150
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The calendar will be sent to you within 24 hours of booking your session, so you can choose a time that is convenient for you!
In person sessions are also available in Bayshore, NY. Let us know if you would prefer this option.
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Vibrancy Work Session

When we can’t see our purpose, we feel lost and in pain.  


That’s because our purpose is not just what we do, it’s an outward expression of the essence of who we are.

In a world that tells us we have to be this way or have this job or look like this in order to be accepted, it’s no wonder we struggle to embrace our true gifts.

What I know for sure is that every one of us has a higher purpose, and when we’re connected to that purpose we feel focused, joyful and at peace, and we make the difference we know we’re here to make.  

Your purpose isn’t something you have to find or create.  It is and always has been within you.  The reason it’s unclear to you right now, is that there’s too much debris that obscures its presence.

In this session, I will work with you to begin removing the blocks – the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic “baggage” from your past experiences – that prevents you from connecting with your essential self.  When we clear away the debris, we open the doors to finally see what you’re truly here for.

Your Vibrancy Work Session Will Consist of a Combination of:

  • Getting an omniscient perspective through an Angel Reading, as we see what the guides will show us
  • Having an opportunity to ask your Angels specific questions about your biggest problems and blocks   
  • Clearing blockages that have been keeping you stuck via energy therapy work  
  • Talking about how to create forward momentum tapping into daily lifestyle habits, mindset and clear any limiting beliefs with my nurturing coaching
  • Receiving personalized action points to create momentum for the changes we have created on the call and to ground it until our follow-up call  
Via phone or Skype.

What Does the Session Look Like?

Our 90 minute phone or Skype session begins with an angel reading and progresses from there. During the session, you will experience deep relaxation and awarenesses You are privy to all of the tools I have (including Energy Therapy, coaching, yoga, Ayurveda, Epigenetics, and much more), combined to achieve optimal results for you at the time of your session.

We will move as much of the blocked or stagnant energy that stands in the way of you expressing your Purpose to the degree you feel called to at this time. You will feel re-connected, invigorated, relaxed, optimistic, and more vibrant at the end of your session. Before closing, we will have a short discussion and come up with a couple of action steps for moving forward.

One week later, we will have a 30 minute follow-up session to support the integration of the work we’ve done so far, and explore the next steps on your journey of deepening into your Life Purpose.

Investment: $395

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Schedule your session:

You will receive a link to my calendar within 24 hours so that you can choose the time and date for your sessions.

Ignite! The 90-Day Experience

This Package is by invitation only. It is for those who have completed an Essence of Purpose Experience and are serious about delving deeper and more extensively into the process of transformation.


This program is for those who feel the Hugeness and Urgency of their Life Purpose and are ready to move whatever stands in the way of living it fully.

It is for those who are tired of the frustration, limitations, smallness, separation, isolation, and above all, the feeling of being bound. It is for those whose Soul and gut is speaking to them in every quiet moment, urging them to come fully out of hiding and step into the Light. It is for those who are not sure how their Soul's Calling can be economically or energetically viable.

This program is for the bridge-builders, the connecters, the healers, the Lovers, and the feelers. It is for those who know Connectedness and Oneness and strive with each breath to add to the Whole.

In this program, we will shine the lantern on those parts of you that are playing small and falling victim to fear—yours or that of the collective. We will work to get and keep your system as clean as possible in order for your intuition and guidance to flow as easily as possible to and through you. We will find and address those places where you are leaking energy and being drained. We will then increase your energy and physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual stamina from the inside out.

This will create more resources, time, space, guidance, and confidence to truly do the Work you are here to do.

Included in your 90-Days:
  • Bi-weekly phone or Skype sessions (6 total)
  • Follow-up notes
  • Email & text availability 
  • Guest Mentorship, if needed
  • Assorted other materials to support you on your individual journey.

There are currently three spots available for work at this level. 

Apply here.

What People Are Saying 



"When I started working with Theresa my vision for my business wasn’t very clear, but I've gained a lot of clarity and made some necessary changes which allows me to serve from a place of true alignment with my Soul's Purpose. 

I’m also really learning to understand and respect what my body needs as a Highly Sensitive Person, and that allows me to show up in a more powerful way for myself and my clients. 

Before working with Theresa, people knew I was gay and a healer, but barely. I wasn’t totally hiding out, but I was hiding enough that I felt I was slowly suffocating.  Now I freely talk about being psychic and doing energy work with great passion. I’m finding my place in the LGBT community and using my voice to help and educate others as well as talk about what I feel are the issues that need attention. 

I've made so many great strides since working with Theresa, in part because of all the tools and modalities that she combines especially for me in each session. She is able to draw on her own life experiences, intuitive vision, and her coaching and teaching capabilities—on any topic. Her work with her Guides, the Angels, and Energy Therapy have  helped us find and tackle limiting beliefs and energy blocks.  

She is an amazing cheerleader and brings clarity so that I am able to see and experience the depth and scope of what I have accomplished. 

If you are truly ready to 'do the Work,' I highly recommend working with Theresa."

—Julie F. Oswego, NY


As a channel, I work with high frequencies and energies, yet I have suffered from migraines, for most of my life. When I started working with Theresa, I was suffering these migraines and my abdomen was sensitive and painful.

With her knowledge, charisma, intuition, and open heart, Theresa welcomed me and helped me to open the doors to what was behind what was occurring in my life.

She can read you like an open book, and with such gentleness, helps you acknowledge things and take action with love, ease, and grace.

My entire being benefitted from this experience and I recommend working with Theresa to everyone. No matter what reasons you may have to begin, you will come out of your experience a winner and loving yourself even more.

Theresa will give you all the tools you need for your journey and beyond. She is open hearted, caring, available, and always welcoming.

Working with Theresa is the best gift we can offer to ourselves. —Nicole Thibodeau, Canada


"Theresa has the rare ability to help you see yourself with clarity, instead of with the negativity that most of us perpetuate which clouds our self-image. She offers genuine insight and an incredibly intuitive look into the relationship between ones inner-self and the Big Picture.

She has an incredible energy and brings out the best in me because she sees it and I see it through her. She has provided me with the guidance and support to focus on what is truly important and create the life of my dreams!

Theresa has had a profound effect on my life and I recommend her programs wholeheartedly."
-Kassie H., Hawaii 

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