Creating Peace Through Balance

Radical Responsibility Starts with Clarity

In these times, we all could use a message of strength and hope.

According to the messages that I received from the Angels this week, it is time for us to realize how much power we do have. We have been sending energy out into the world, and energy creates. Energy follows intention, and all we need to do to create is focus our attention and energy on something. So many of us have been focused with the energy of resisting or fighting against. In those cases, what actually happens is that we bring them power and strength to the very things we don’t want. Why? Because that is what we are focused on.

Image © Alice Achterhof/Unsplash

It is extremely important for each of us to get very clear on what we do want, Instead of creating from this place of focus on the negative.
When you start to get clear on what you want, the magnetics begin to work in that direction, and the intentions of all of the people with similar visions fuel yours. It takes so much energy to resist or fight against something, when that energy would serve you much better if you focused it and used it to build and create what you actually wanted!

We need a shift in perception, which, according to A Course in Miracles, is the definition of a miracle. When we shift our perception towards what we do want to create, all of that energy is free to move in that direction instead of being stopped and stagnant. The Angels are very specific that the situations in the world are the way they are because of the lack of focus that humanity has had. We haven't, as a society or as individuals, held a clear vision of what we want.

It's now really important for each of us to go inside and connect to that vision for ourselves and for the Collective. Then we need to hold that vision. It might seem counterintuitive because instead of being action-oriented and going out into the world and doing, it requires us to get still and quiet—into a state of being. We need to ask the question, “What is it that I really want for myself and the world, and what does that look like?” Get specific.  

Otherwise, it's like it's like being a kid and wanting things for your birthday, but not making a list. Everyone shows up with a gift—some things you might already have, some you don’t like, some clothes—and nothing that you get lots of gifts, but nothing you actually wanted. Saying “I want change” has been a very non-specific request. What change is it that you desire? The focused desire of the Light has to equal and outweigh the focused desire of the Shadow.

What we're seeing in the world are symptoms of those things that have been within us for so long that we've been praying and asking for healing on. As above, so below, and as within, so without. The outside world is a manifestation of the inside world, and a lot of people are clearing  a lot of “stuff.” Many Lightworkers are being deeply affected by this because we've moved through it and are now holding the energy of intention to help others do the same.

We're being called to hold this energy from a place of compassion, as opposed to a place of anger, which has been difficult because so many of us are feeling burnt out. For example, so many of us sit in front of our computers or TVs watching the headlines come up. Then we just sit. We take it in. We internalize it and want to do something about it, so we share it, or write about it. This is helpful, but it does not move the energy through our system! It’s still there. Festering.

Remember is that we cannot move energy without moving ourselves, physically. Moving our bodies moves the energy through. Get up and move before reacting to anything. It helps the energy to flow through and leave the system so that you can take action from a more balanced and clear perspective.

So, we are being called to our own growth—going within and exploring what our specific vision is for this world—at both the personal and the Collective levels. Creating and holding the vision and then taking aligned actions from that open energy of positive momentum and creation, as opposed to the closed, tense energy of resistance. For the next week, it seems that the most  important thing for us to do is go within and connect to this vision.

What happens for one, happens for the whole.

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